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Brand new: the Petzl Vertex Best helmet available to buy now at PPE Industrial Supplies

Brand new: the Petzl Vertex Best helmet available to buy now at PPE Industrial Supplies

What to look for in a safety helmet

Everyone knows that head protection when you are working on site or at height is crucial to keeping yourself and others around you safe. But did you know that not all helmets are the same? Whilst some are big, bulky and uncomfortable to wear, others can be more lightweight but easily dislodged from your head during a fall, and thus completely missing the point of wearing a helmet.

That’s all changed now. Allow us to introduce to you the Petzl Vertex Bes, the best of both worlds when it comes to protection and safety.

Weighing in at only 455g, it is light enough to ensure you are comfortable working for longer periods without it becoming a distraction or an irritant. However, this is no flimsy helmet as it meets the requirements of the EN 397 and EN 12492 standards for impact protection.

Its shock absorption is achieved through deformation of the outer shell, and with a strong chinstrap of more than 50 daN, the risk of losing the helmet during a fall is greatly reduced. With its closed shell, it also offers valuable protection against electrical risk and molten metal splash, meeting the optional requirements of the the EN 397 standard for molten metal spray, lateral deformation and use in low temperatures; and the requirements of the EN 397 and EN 50365 standards for electrical insulation. This is a helmet that can take a beating.

Helmet protection designed with comfort in mind

Headware comfort is important, and the Petzl Vertex Bes’ six-point textile suspension conforms perfectly to the shape of any head, and comes with two sizes of headband foam to ensure a snug fit. A CenterFit adjustment system adjusts the headband and keeps the helmet centered on the head, creating a very comfortable helmet for work at height and rescue, reducing slippage and ensuring it doesn’t interfere with your view.

To ensure this helmet is personalised to your needs, many accessories are now available to make it a vital part of your everyday workwear, allowing you to update it as required.

You can add PIXA or ULTRA VARIO headlamps in the front of the back, and add a headlamp with an elastic headlamp. VIZIR, VIZIR SHADOW or VIZEN protective shields are also available as side inserts, as is hearing protection.

Overall, this is one of the sturdiest and most comfortable helmets we have seen. You can buy your size by contacting us or pop into our showroom.

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