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Branded baseball caps and head protection for the summer months

Branded baseball caps and head protection for the summer months

Branded baseball caps and head protection for the summer

Working outdoors in the summer can be the best way to spend a day. From gardeners to builders, surveyors to offshore engineers, outdoor workers make up a considerable proportion of the UK workforce. However when the sun starts to shine it can often come as a surprise, especially in Scotland! The switch from winter wear to summer gear can take place quickly. So it’s important to be prepared and make sure everyone’s heads are protected from a strong sun overhead.

PPE Industrial Supplies have a great selection of headwear and head protection against the sun, many of which will also keep you safe at work. Here’s a selection of what we offer, but remember to check out our entire online catalogue for more.

Head protection ideas for the summer months

Baseball Caps - This is the head item of choice for sports players, incognito celebrities and Marvel superheroes in disguise. But it’s a popular choice for a reason - they work to keep the sun off and avoid blinding glare. Our sports caps are great for those working outdoors who don’t need protection from any other hazards. However for those who do, consider these enhanced visibility bump caps. Not only do they make you stand out to others around you, their polycarbonate inner shell protects against light bumps. These include walking into low ceilings or hanging obstructions. They are available in fluorescent orange or yellow.

Morfs - Have you ever heard of a morf? No, we’re not talking about small plasticine characters. A morf, or a head tube, is a multi-use head and neck item of clothing that is great to keep the sun and wind off the skin. Used in their most basic manner, they are worn around the neck like a scarf. But they can be pulled up and over the head, offering sun protection for the top of the head as well as for the back of the neck. Our morfs also offer high visibility designs to enhance your safety outdoors, and their breathable fabric makes them perfect for hot days.

Vented safety helmets - Sometimes you have no choice but to wear a safety helmet, even in the hottest weather. In this instance, a vented hard hat might be a superior option. Vented hard hats increase the air flow and help keep heads cool whilst at work. We have a wide selection - have a look online or speak to us to discuss your needs further.

We’re happy to advise on a range of options for head gear throughout the year. So if you are looking for something to stay cool, or something to get warm in, give us a call here at PPE Industrial Solutions, and we can help.

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