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Coronavirus PPE supplies

Coronavirus PPE supplies

Stay safe at home and work with our Coronavirus PPE

PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) has never been in the news so much than in the past few months. This is because of its importance in making sure we can all stay safe during the Coronavirus pandemic.

The range of PPE equipment here at PPE Industrial Supplies near Edinburgh has always been comprehensive, and our stock covers everything from facemasks to gloves to hand sanitiser. If you or your company is looking to ensure you are fully prepared for all Coronavirus contingencies, then get in touch.

We can provide your business with fully branded face coverings to keep your staff looking professional as they go about their business in a safe way. Our comfortable face covers are fully washable and can be printed with your brand or logo on the side. As they are one-size-fits-all they will be suitable for all of your staff.

With the spread of Covid-19 across the UK, making sure you protect yourself and others from the virus has started to become second nature. One simple way to do this is to wear a mask when you are out working, shopping or near other people outwith your own household. We offer packs of 50 surgical masks for this purpose, which can be disposed of carefully after each use.

If you are looking for an industrial-strength face mask to help stop the spread of Coronavirus, then our JSP Force 8 Mask with P3 Filters is for you. It has a 4-point cradle suspension harness which is fully adjustable. This means you will get the correct comfortable fit, and its quick-release buckles allow for easy removal. You can buy replacement JSP Press to Check P3 Filters from us too.

Protecting hands and eyes from Coronavirus

To ensure the spread of Coronavirus is limited, it’s important to protect your eyes and hands. Our range of gloves ensures that touching surfaces can be done in a safe way, with the gloves discarded appropriately afterwards.

For example, this box of PPE disposable powdered latex gloves gives you 50 pairs to ensure safety when doing your work, perhaps in the homes of other people. We also offer a powder-free alternative. If you are looking for disposable vinyl gloves that you can wear, we also offer a box of 100 here. To ensure complete cleanliness on your surfaces, our box of wonder wipes can be used to keep tops clean.

For your eye protection, we offer both safety glasses and safety goggles. These safety goggles comply with EN166 and have an anti-fog lens to keep your visibility pure. Alternatively, these safety glasses are anti-scratch, and come with a neck cord to stop them from falling and breaking.

Whatever PPE you decide to use to stay safe and help stop the spread of Covid-19, make sure you use the correct type. If you have any queries about our products and their appropriate use, we are more than happy for you to ask us. Get in touch online, or over the phone.

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