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Do you have all the PPE you need for 2019?

Do you have all the PPE you need for 2019?

Some popular personal protective equipment available from PPE Industrial Supplies

PPE every workplace should have: first aid kits

When many people hear the phrase “personal protective equipment”, they initially think of hard hats, steel toe-capped boots and haz-mat suits (like the men in E.T had on). Now, whilst we all would take precautions if a red-fingered alien landed in our back yard, PPE is something that should be considered vital in every workplace, in every town, and available to every person.

Consider your first aid supplies. Do you have any? If not, consider buying some as they can come in very handy in the event of minor scrapes and bruises. We offer a selection from Click, from travel bags to larger collections to keep in the office. We also offer specialist kits, including those for footballers, kitchen and catering staff, and those working with children.

Popular PPE for working outdoors

High visibility clothing has boomed in popularity, not just for construction workers but for anyone who spends time outdoors in other pursuits, including joggers, dog walkers, and children on school trips. They are very handy to have nearby, and are more affordable now than ever before. In these cold, dark winter months, making sure you can be seen in the dark from a distance just makes common sense.

Ranging from simple vests (ideal for office fire wardens or tour guides) through to long sleeved hi viz polo shirts for the colder months all the way up to high quality bomber jackets that help you get seen at night, our range ensures you will be satisfied with any visit you make to our website.

If you often carry a backpack when out in low light conditions, you should consider a high vis backpack, like this option from B-Seen. With a handy mobile phone pocket and an outlet to allow you to plug in your headphones to your phone or iPod, it’s great for being on the go and clear to drivers and other users of the road.

If you are more usually out during daylight hours, PPE is still an important consideration. Thermal wear, like this collection from Click, ensures you stay warm and dry, even in the harshest of Scotland’s climates. We offer base layer long johns, base layer long sleeved vests, and for the ultimate head protection, this Click Workwear Thinsulate-lined balaclava. It is 100% acrylic and comes with open earpieces to ensure you stay safe walking or on your bike by allowing you to hear traffic and other warnings.
Of course, it’s not just the darkness that can be an issue during the winter, but also the inclement weather - rain, snow, name it!

For this, we have a great range of waterproof coveralls that you can slip on over your regular daily or business clothes without having the rigmarole of changing regularly. Combine a warm lining with high visibility and a breathable garment with this Uelsen SNS winter coverall, available in sizes small to 4XL.

Whatever your needs this winter, our popular range of personal protective equipment is sure to meet your needs. Check out our online catalogue, or pop in store for a chat.

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