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Fentex - Spill control supplies from PPE

Fentex - Spill control supplies from PPE

Control and clean-up your industrial leaks and spills with Fentex from PPE Industrial Supplies

Spills happen - here’s how to clean them up

If you’re looking for the industry leaders when it comes to spill control, then look no further than Fentex. With a comprehensive range of over 1,000 products to manage leaks and spills, we’re sure you’ll find what you are looking for.

Spill control, containment and absorption products are an absolute necessity in many areas of work, but are particularly important in areas where the likelihood of hazardous spills is high. This includes areas such as industrial factories, scientific laboratories, and small to large scale agriculture. Even in areas deemed less likely to suffer an incident, like an office environment, fire control or containment is still an important aspect to consider to ensure staff safety. Whilst this all needs to be managed professionally with well trained experts, reliable products are vital to ensure success, and we believe Fentex products provide such peace of mind.

You can find a wide selection of polypropylene absorbent products in our online catalogue. For example, rip & place bonded and perforated general purpose rolls have a general use, and can be used to absorb spilled liquids before they become the source of a workplace accident. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes and weights to suit every need.

Polypropylene mats are designed to be chemically resistant, so are suitable for absorbing corrosives, oxidizers, fuels, water and oil-based liquids.

Spill kits ensure nothing is left to chance

Spill kits are important to have around any site that could see an accidental spill, for example chemical, paint or resin. To be able to clear such spill up quickly and efficiently helps make sure the problem doesn’t escalate.

To that end, there are a range of solutions available from us, some for general purpose and some for specific liquids. Take a look through the Fentex catalogue to see examples of kits designed for body fluid & mercury spill kits, and oil & fuel. They also come in sizes suitable for small offices to large industrial scales, from 15 litre bags all the way up to 1100L spill kit wheelie bins with plug rug drain covers. There are many more products available, of course. These include drip trays, flexi-trays, steel storage cabinets, overpack drums and spillpallets.
Of particular interest to most companies today is the environmentally friendly options available when it comes to spill control and management.

EVO absorbent material is manufactured in the UK by FENTEX from recycled natural
textile remnants, in a unique process.

Sustainable natural fibres are used in place of non-renewable synthetics. This, in combination with the elimination of the need to rely on shipping in the products from overseas, reduces CO2. With regards to the material, as expected, EVO universal absorbent is compatible with
all common, non-hazardous fluids and can be safely used on oils, fuels, and solvents.

Products in the EVO range include recycled gypsum granules, sustainable natural fibre absorbents and spill trays with removable base grids.

To discover the full range of Fentex products, check out the online catalogue on the PPE Industrial Supplies website here.

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