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Get your personalised kids clothing ordered now and ready for Christmas

Get your personalised kids clothing ordered now and ready for Christmas

Looking for kids clothing you can personalise with names or images? Then see our selection of individual items that make great Christmas gift ideas.

Personalised kids clothing for Christmas gifts this year

Kids’ clothing is cute. There’s no denying that! From tiny little woollen hats to cute Dover jackets, going ‘aaaww’ is just what we love to do. But to make items even more adorable and turn them into perfect Christmas gifts, we need to take it to the next level and start making things personal.

Personalised kids clothing items from PPE Industrial Supplies show that you’ve given some thought to what you are buying. So many of our items can be personalised to suit your needs, including hoodies and bags. So why not add your child’s name to a hoodie? Or their nickname on a t-shirt? You could even buy a range of clothes with the family name (or crest!) on it. This is great for family bonding times when you are out exploring the world as a team.

It’s also a great way to ensure you can easily identify which clothes are your child’s if they are at nursery or school. No more dashing about with a sharpie to write initials on labels! By choosing a design that is unique to you - much like a brand or a logo - you can add this to clothing so you can see from a distance who it belongs to. So not only does personalised clothing look great, it has hidden benefits too.

What kids clothing can be personalised?

If you are looking to personalise your kids clothing, perhaps as a Christmas gift, then you will be wondering what your options are.

Most clothing for children on our site can be personalised in some way. For example, hoodies are a popular choice for Christmas gifts as they are warm and comfortable, but also useful throughout the year, especially here in Scotland! And they can be personalised using print or embroidery on the front, back and/or arms.

You can do similar personalisation with t-shirts, and we offer a wide range of styles and colours all made from high quality material.

We also offer personalisation options on a range of accessories, like backpacks. By marking bags like these with a unique identity, they not only make it easier for you to identify - for example on airport luggage carousels - it also gives kids the assurance that the bag is their property.

Personalisation of a range of other Christmas gift clothing ideas is possible too. Baseball caps, sweatshirts and fleeces can all be given that personal touch.

We’re happy to advise on a range of options for personalising children’s clothes this Christmas. Just give us a call, drop us a line or pop in to see us, here at PPE Industrial Solutions, and we will be delighted to help.

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