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Ho-ho-hold on for some personalised gift ideas from PPE Industrial Supplies this Christmas.

Ho-ho-hold on for some personalised gift ideas from PPE Industrial Supplies this Christmas.

Personalised clothing makes a fantastic gift for loved ones at Christmas.

From Secret Santa to thoughtful presents, PPE Industrial Supplies has a range of Christmas gift ideas.

Christmas themed gifts have been available in shops since September. However, if you are like us, you will have avoided all of this until December 1st, at which time a slight feeling of panic set upon you. Don’t worry, this is perfectly normal and we have the perfect cure.

What you need for a great present is something that isn’t on general sale, something that is personal to the person receiving the gift, and something which can show of how thoughtful you are (well the last one’s not required, but why not go for glory?). Here at PPE Industrial supplies, we offer a fantastic personalisation service on most of our items of clothing, from baseball caps to polo neck t-shirts, and even hoodies and sweatshirts. Whilst most of the time we use this for company branding and sports team identities, it opens up a realm of possibilities if you are feeling creative.

Branded clothing gives Christmas gifts that personal touch

Christmas gifts don’t all have to be the same generic stuff you see every year - and this is especially true if you are looking for that little something extra for your office’s Secret Santa.

Who have you got in the office Secret Santa? Is it Leaves-Early Lenny? Or the guy that never replaces the photocopier paper? Or worst of all...the boss? Secret Santa is a minefield that only the smart can exit unscathed, and we have the solution in the form of branded baseball caps.

Who doesn’t want their name branded on a cap? Or if you are looking for a promotion, “BEST BOSS”. Or if you are looking to drop a hint, “MAKE THE COFFEE”. It’s a win, however you look at it.

Closer to home, Christmas time is a family time, where we get together with our loved ones, play some Cluedo and watch Great Aunt Mary drink all the rum. So why not make it official and create branded family clothes for the big day? You could put your clan’s name on a hoodie, or even add their job for the day so no matter how much gin is consumed, they remeber that they are the “GREATEST POTATO PEELER” or “CHIEF EXECUTIVE OF PUTTING GREAT AUNT MARY IN A TAXI”.

Your imagination is the only limit - why not check our online store to see how you can make this Christmas truly unique. We offer a wide range of personalisation options, and are happy to chat through what you are thinking with us. Give us a call, or pop into our store to discuss your needs further.

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