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Make leap day 2020 memorable with these sporty ideas

Make leap day 2020 memorable with these sporty ideas

Sporty things to do in Scotland this leap day

Christmas comes but once a year - but a leap day comes once every four years! So don’t waste it, it’s a free day! It falls on a Saturday in 2020, meaning the 29th February is ripe for turning into an action-packed day to remember.

Here at PPE Industrial Supplies, we love a day off. You may have seen from some of our other blogs that staff here enjoy a bit of football from time to time, so chances are we’ll be kicking some balls around on the 29th. We might even be all branded up in our team’s sportswear, and if you’d like the same then check out our football supplies, which can all be branded to your liking.
There’s plenty of sporting choices to keep you busy this leap day. We love a good round of golf, and with over 550 golf courses in Scotland, we’re never short of somewhere to play. Another pursuit we enjoy is getting out and about in our beautiful countryside. We’re based in Loanhead, near Edinburgh, and so are very close to the Pentland hills.

These are an incredible set of hills which offer invigorating walks, stunning views and even the occasional glimpse of wildlife. We often see walking groups up there as that’s a super way of getting to know new people. And how do we know they are walking groups? Because they are wearing brilliant branded hoodies and tops that say so! This is a service we love to offer local groups, so if you would like to be branded up for your excursion, drop us a line.

Something a bit different you might like to try in 2020 is the Visit Inverness Loch Ness Photomarathon. Take the 29th in the beautiful Scottish Highlands and enjoy a challenge of taking creative photos to a specific brief. It’s suitable for all ages and abilities, and is sure to be a day to remember.

Be a good sport indoors

Let’s be honest though - the Scottish weather is not something we can predict to any degree of accuracy. It’s always useful to have an indoor backup plan.

Two of Scotland’s most popular indoor sports are bowling and curling. They are no longer the preserve of old people either, with a younger audience growing steadily. Curling gained a huge new following after Scotland’s gold medal success in the 2002 winter Olympics, and was still a popular draw in the 2018 games in Pyeongchang.

If you’ve never tried either sport before, why not give them a go this February 29th? Leap Day 2020 might just be the sports day you’ve been waiting years for!

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