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MASCOT Workwear - Some of the Best Clothes for Craftsmen You Can Buy

MASCOT Workwear - Some of the Best Clothes for Craftsmen You Can Buy

Available Now - The New MASCOT Craftsman Catalogue

The new MASCOT Craftsman magazine is available in store now, and is chock full of over 120 new MASCOT products also available from us here at PPE Industrial Supplies.

We find these magazines to be fantastic reads, keeping us up to date about the latest products and stories, and we wanted to share them with our customers too. From reading about Audi Sport in the pit to finding your next career step in the job vacancies, it covers a whole lot in just one issue.

If you’re interested in picking up a magazine, pop in to see us for your complimentary copy, or view it online at

Of particular interest to us this month was a feature on how craftsmen assess MASCOT’s 100% four-way stretch trousers. Described as “trousers so comfortable you won’t want to take them off”, we were intrigued as many of the trousers we have seen in the past could be bulky and awkward. They would also often have a lack of good ventilation so could get too warm in the workshop.

The New Stretch Trousers from MASCOT

In this new short film from MASCOT, craftsmen from different professions tested the freedom of movement in the new stretch trousers in various ways.

The point was very clear: workwear with stretch makes a difference for your freedom of movement, something we have known about for a long time. However, what these new MASCOT trousers offer is novel thinking in their design. Other similar trousers with holster pockets can easily get heavy and the trousers can get weighed down, but the pockets on MASCOT stretch trousers have just the right fit, giving any craftsman who wants it complete freedom of movement from trousers with a great fit.

These stretch trousers are a somewhat closer fit than many other options, but this has been turned into an advantage for them. Because of the close fit, they are more flexible when you need to change position. The pockets, which are nice and strong, can be easily unzipped when the situation is called for, like when you may need some extra ventilation in hot weather or environments.

We think that these new trousers are an exciting new development in workwear. You can choose between trousers, ¾ length trousers and shorts in MASCOT® ADVANCED. They are all made with 100% four-way stretch material that is very comfortable to wear. Choose between seven colours, different pockets, three leg lengths and a host of sizes.

If you ask us, stretch is definitely the way to go!

To find out more about MASCOT stretch trousers, and our wider selection of MASCOT workwear, visit our online catalogue at or get in touch

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