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New year, new PPE

New year, new PPE

January is a great time to reassess all your PPE for the work ahead and make sure everything is in working order and still fits comfortably.

Why should you check your personal protective equipment?

PPE or personal protective equipment is designed only to be used as a last resort. That means that it can be your last line of defense if something goes wrong at the workplace. For example, hard hats are not designed to be worn in areas where falling bricks and stone are likely to land on your head. Rather, they are worn in the unlikely case something accidentally falls from a height. Think of PPE like an insurance policy. It’s something you need to keep up to date or else, when you need it most, it might fail you.

And so this is why regular checking of your equipment is vital. We’ve spoken before about why and how you should check your hard hat. And if you are doing that, then why not spend an hour or so checking the rest of your kit? It could make the difference between a scuffed boot and a broken toe. It’s also advisable to make sure your PPE is still up to date with safety standards and any new requirements that may have come into force post-Brexit. If not, then we’re here to help.

How to update your PPE workwear

So if you are going to update your work gear, then you should probably aim for the best that you can get. We have a wide variety of stock here at PPE Industrial Supplies, from many different brands, that you won’t need to go anywhere else.

For example, one of the most well-known PPE manufacturers, Click, is one we regularly recommend. If you are looking for new footwear then their Trencher plus quick release boot might be perfect. It is designed for comfort and to carry out the same tasks as a normal, less flexible external metatarsal boot. It is also built for extreme impact protection.

You could consider updating your clothing to Portwest protective clothing. They regularly launch new and updated work gear to ensure a fresh lineup that keeps up to date with new technology and legal requirements. For example they have a wide range of hi-viz jackets and trousers, as well as high visibility anti-microbial multiway scarves.

Another often forgotten area when it comes to workplace safety is ensuring your signage is all up-to-date, clean and visible. So often we can stop seeing problems when they become a part of the background, like emergency exit signs or general mandatory signage like ensuring your mobile phone is off. So January is a good time to take a walk around the workplace and make sure everything is in order for the year ahead. And if it isn’t, then have a look through our PDF catalogue of security signs and order new ones today.

If you would like to find out more about our range of PPE, be sure to check our catalogue. It’s the best place to stock up on new items and see what updates to your existing PPE stock are available.

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