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Our personalised clothing range for schools and sporting clubs

Our personalised clothing range for schools and sporting clubs

Buying pre-branded clothing from PPE Industrial Supplies

As regular visitors to PPE Industrial Supplies know, we are experts in supplying branded, customised clothing and workwear. From branded hoodies to hi-viz jackets with company logos, we ensure everyone on the team is identifiable and promoting their company.

However branded workwear is not all we produce. We’re delighted that so many local schools as well as sport and activity clubs have chosen us to produce their branded clothing. By working together with these schools and clubs, we have produced many different items of clothing that come pre-branded when parents or students buy them - no further amendment or editing is needed. Having clothing pre-branded has numerous advantages to customers, including:

  1. All the hard work in designing the logo and placing it on the clothes has been done.
  2. Pre-branded clothing keeps a consistency of look across all items of clothes.
  3. The best items of clothing have already been selected for each club’s needs, from softshell jackets to wooly hats.
  4. Each item has its own URL, meaning it’s easy to share with the group, and even easier to quickly buy whatever branded item you need.

Customer shops on PPE Industrial Supplies

Our customers range from primary schools to bowling, football and singing clubs, each of them with their own specific needs.

For example, Bonnyrigg Rose Football Club is one of the most popular teams in the region, and as such wanted to have a selection of clothing that could ensure everyone in the family can support them. We have been delighted to work with them and produce items like a branded face cover, a kids official warm up T-shirt and a teamwear wooly hat. To make sure nobody is left out, we even sourced a babysuit in team colours so that everyone can shout on the team! Similarly, Penicuik Bowling Club needed a range of clothing that people could wear to both play and support the club. Sporting clothes that are pre-branded include a polo shirt with both the club badge and sponsors logo, branded caps and lightweight jackets with the club logo for both men and women.

Schools we have worked with include Gracemount Primary School and Paradykes Primary School. Here, parents can buy their children polo shirts which are suitable for PE lessons, and branded jackets, including a thermal jacket to keep warm on the cold winter days. Clothes can come in school colours, for example branded red jackets items for Paradykes.

So if you are looking to set up a customer shop with a range of pre-branded items for your club, team or school, then get in touch with us to discuss your requirements. You can give us a call or drop us a line to talk.

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