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PPE supplies wind power experts Nordex with wind resistant jackets

PPE supplies wind power experts Nordex with wind resistant jackets

Nordex are creating the next generation of sustainable energy by harnessing the power of the wind. Their team require high quality workwear to carry out the complex task of assembling and testing large wind turbines. Nordex recently placed an order with PPE Industrial Supplies to provide their team with high quality and high spec workwear from Mascot. We’ve supplied them with trousers, boilersuits and jackets which are made to stand up to the rigours of wind turbine assembly.

The Mascot Arosa trousers purchased by Nordex are made from flame retardant and anti-static material which protects welders and electricians while they are working. The seams and pockets are reinforced to keep skin and stored items safe. The Mascot Baar boilersuit features chest pockets with closable flaps. The Mascot Emmen jacket is two-toned with high-vis fluorescent material and chevroned reflective strips. It is waterproof, breathable and wind resistant - the latter being particularly useful for wind turbine producers Nordex!

PPE supplies companies and individuals all over Scotland with workwear for a wide range of tasks. Whether you’re assembling wind turbines or waiting tables, find the right clothes for the job from PPE Industrial Supplies.

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