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PrimaLoft® winter workwear

PrimaLoft® winter workwear

It was your typical winter morning: cold, dark, with the wind howling round the house and a freezing rain starting to fall.
Iain knew he’d be out and about all day, so he did his usual: three pairs of socks, a good few t-shirts and an extra jumper under his raincoat.
As he walked to work, he could barely move under all the layers, but the wind bit right through to his bones anyway.
He shivered and shook his head. It’s gonna be a long day.

Want a better way to keep warm this winter? Here at PPE, we’ve been reviewing our winter workwear range, and we want to let you know about one of our best selling cold weather products.
PrimaLoft® solves both of Iain’s problems: it provides full thermal insulation, even in the coldest winter temperatures, but is also lightweight, giving you freedom of movement without the need for additional layers.

PrimaLoft® is used in several of our jackets, which are specially designed to keep cold weather at bay.
Each jacket is padded with an insulating layer made from a tightly woven mesh of fibres. This mesh blocks out the cold while remaining flexible and lightweight.
The fibre mesh is also breathable, so if you’re working up a sweat, moisture will quickly evaporate.
The unique design of the jackets means that they will also repel rainwater, keeping you warm and dry and not weighed down.
In really extreme conditions, the jackets can also be combined with another outer layer, as the composition of fibres means that they can also compress down.
Keep out the cold and wet and stay flexible this winter – buy from our recommended range of PrimaLoft® products.

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