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Safety boots to help put your best foot forward in 2021

Safety boots to help put your best foot forward in 2021

Maintaining your work safety boots

Happy new year to all our customers! We hope you had a relaxing break and are ready to take on the opportunities of the coming months. Winter can be a tough time to get through, and January’s weather often hits hard. With snow, ice and unfavourable conditions, it’s a great time to make sure your work safety boots, steel toe boots and safety shoes are up to scratch.

There are no hard and fast rules about when you should replace your safety shoes and boots. Making sure they are free from defects, cracks and holes is an important task. However, what may last months for some people could last years for those who use them infrequently. This means you should perform regular checks on them. For example, make sure the steel toe cap isn’t dented or fractured.

You should also make sure that steel cap boots are maintained in the correct way. This means that leather boots should be polished, and suede work boots should be treated with a water-resistant spray. Boots should also have good tread on them to provide a grip on slippery surfaces. When this wears, the work boots should be replaced immediately.

Quality safety boots and shoes for all weathers

If you do need to upgrade or replace your safety boots this year, then PPE Industrial Supplies has an excellent selection. Available in a range of sizes, our work boots are sturdily built and functional.

For example, these Click Trencher Plus Boot CF67 have a slip and oil resistant sole as well as an antistatic and energy absorbing heel. The steel toe-cap is compliant to EN 20345. So this means that the boot has a 200-joules impact-resistance which will protect you from a 20kg weight dropped 1,020mm onto the toes.

Similarly, the Delta Plus Nubuck Leather Hiker Boot is also compliant, offering impact and crush protection. It has a puncture-resistant outsole and an energy absorbing heel. It has a slip-resistant sole, making it a great choice for when working on loose soil.

If you are looking for safety shoes for the workplace, then consider the MASCOT® Ultar Safety Shoe. It is metal-free with moulded TPU toe reinforcement. This comfortable shoe has a heat resistant sole up to 140°C and is suitable for when working on your knees. Its shock-absorbing insoles are removable, durable and ergonomic.

If you’d like to see a larger range of work boots and safety shoes, visit our online catalogue. Similarly, if you aren’t sure what you need and would like some advice before purchase, please get in touch. We’d be happy to advise you on the best workplace boots for your needs.

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