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Take care of your spill control needs with PPE Industrial Supplies

Take care of your spill control needs with PPE Industrial Supplies

Accidents happen; it’s what we do next that matters. Ensuring your place of work can cope with any spills of fluids or hazardous waste is important. Fortunately, there are plenty of solutions available to help you make sure you can minimise damage.

A great all-round pad is the ECO Universal Absorbent Pad. It has a higher capacity than similar polypropylene absorbents. It’s manufactured from 86% recycled sustainable natural fibres. These pads are a brilliant choice for companies looking for a reliable pad whilst also seeking to manage their environmental impact.

For more advanced protection against incidents, spill kits can be used on leaks and spills in the workplace. Whether you need general purpose or oil & fuel spill kit, they include absorbent socks to contain and dispose of spills.

For a heavyweight drain cover, we offer a great product. It can be cleaned and re-used, and is perfect for use during high-risk activities like tanker offloading. Resistant to water and oil, and highly visible for extra safety, it comes in a range of sizes - just ask us for more information.

Want to protect the ground against oil leaks and spills? The SpillTector is a flexible spill tray for use under vehicles, plant, tanks and machinery. And if you need a spill pallet for oil storage, we can supply you with a great solution. To make life easier, it’s event compatible with most forklifts and pallet trucks.

We have a great range of spill control solutions. Get in touch today with us at PPE Industrial Supplies to find out more.

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