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ULTIMATE STRETCH from Mascot available at PPE Industrial Supplies

ULTIMATE STRETCH from Mascot available at PPE Industrial Supplies

If you are looking for light workwear, then try ULTIMATE STRETCH from Mascot. It is elastic in all directions and is so flexible that you will barely notice it against your skin.

Work in comfort with super-light ULTIMATE STRETCH clothing from Mascot.

Are you looking for comfortable workwear that doesn’t weigh you down? Perhaps you are tired of thick work trousers, made from heavy fabric and are looking for something more lightweight. Or it might be you need more flexibility to stretch and a freedom of movement that you cannot get in regular workwear. If so, then please let us introduce you to ULTIMATE STRETCH from Mascot. Mascot is a well-known and trusted brand here at PPE Industrial Supplies, so we are happy to recommend this fantastic product to our customers.

With ULTIMATE STRETCH workwear trousers, you can be assured of ultimate freedom, ultimate functionality and ultimate flexibility. That’s because this comfortable work gear is made from a unique advanced elastic stretch fibre. The fabric returns to its original shape when not being stretched. This means that whether you’re climbing ladders all day, on your knees at floorboards or walking around a site, you will feel pure comfort every minute whilst being assured of their high wear resistance. And thanks to the trousers’ soft inner side you might even forget you are wearing them!

Freedom of movement with ULTIMATE STRETCH

Your freedom of movement in Mascot’s ULTIMATE STRETCH work gear is never restricted. In trousers, for example, the pockets are integrated directly into the design. This means that proper consideration has been given to all aspects of how they will be worn, and ensures a comfortable fit - even when the pockets are full.

These are work trousers that last. They are durable for the trade industry, with MASCOT stretch fabric quality 311 being one of the most durable fabrics in the assortment. When looking for new, comfortable working clothes you won’t have to compromise on features or design with ULTIMATE STRETCH products. The fabric has been tested in a lab to ensure high colour fastness, tear strength and wear resistance. They have also been tested out in the field, which has meant their features have been tweaked and optimised to better suit a demanding customer base.

Most of the products in ULTIMATE STRETCH are perfect for use outdoors in the Scottish weather. That’s because they have a water-repellent finish, so you don’t need to put on an extra layer of waterproofs if it starts to rain.

To discover this exciting range of ULTIMATE STRETCH work gear from Mascot, get in touch with us or pop into our shop for more information. We’ll be happy to go through the range with you, and advise you on the best products for your needs.

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