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What makes a good business logo for your PPE Industrial Supplies branded workwear?

What makes a good business logo for your PPE Industrial Supplies branded workwear?

What makes a good business logo?

Whether you are a start-up, freelancer, SME or large company, chances are you have or are planning to create a good business logo. You will be looking for something eye-catching, that reflects your business goals and ideals, and that captures the essence of your work. Beyond that, however, how do you ensure your logo is good?

Good logos and company branding often depict an object or idea that is relevant to your business. In such cases, it should show at a glance what you do. For example, if you see a cup of steaming coffee on a letterhead, you’ll assume it’s a business to do with hot drinks. If it turns out to be a logo for a driving instructor, then someone has messed up along the way!

Keep in mind that a logo can incorporate the name of your business (like Coca Cola), or it can be represented purely by a design (like Nike). Chances are, meeting in the middle and combining both your name and a design into your logo is the best idea.

The best advice to keep in mind is to make your logo simple yet clear. Adding too much writing will make it too difficult to read. And intricate drawings would equally lose definition when small. Keep it bold and clean and you’ll be onto a winner!

Printing your logo on clothing

Once you have your logo or brand, it’s important to remember that it won’t just exist on a page or on a website. You may want to add it to vehicles or a multimedia presentation. Most commonly, people print their logos onto items of clothing.

Printing your logo on workwear is a great idea, as it means wherever you go, you are promoting your business. It could be on a hoodie or a baseball cap, for example. If you work around construction, perhaps printing your brand onto a hi-viz vest would work better for you.

Adding your logo to our wide range of clothing is easy. Check out our blog about how you can personalise your clothing in three easy steps.

So if you have a logo you are proud of, and a business you want to promote easily, then have a look at our online catalogue to see what items of clothing takes your fancy. You can upload your logo online, and we’ll run a proof by you before we print anything.

Need more help? If you aren’t sure what to do to print your business logo onto our workwear, just get in touch!

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