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When hard hats save lives

It’s easy to forget the life-saving job hard hats do for us, so let PPE Industrial Supplies remind you of their importance.

When hard hats save lives

Why wear a hard hat?

The iconic design of a hard hat is recognised by everyone, many learning from a very early age (thanks of course to Bob the Builder!) that it is a vital safety component of any construction site.

Here at PPE Industrial Supplies we always hear about how helmets can save lives, but often workers wearing them day-in and day-out can become quite numb to this and start to think they are more of a nuisance than a necessity. How important is a quality hard hat anyway?

Hard hats save lives

Take a look at this image. These pliers were dropped from 300 feet and straight into a car bonnet like a hot knife through butter. Of course, whoever dropped them had not secured them properly, but this is how accidents happen and is a stark reminder that no matter how careful we are ourselves, you never know what’s around the corner (or above our heads).

To this end, we stock the Peak View Ratchet Hard Hat. It is a Portwest exclusive design and a patented model, but the genius is in the translucent shell. You can see through peak and sides, allowing you to look upwards without the need to tilt the head. Something that could very well come in handy one day.

Stories of helmets saving lives are plentiful, and serve as a warning for future workers. Take, for example, the tale of Valentin Taljanov, who was working at Aberdeen Harbour in 2009.

Some cast iron guttering had been left unsupported, only to later collapse on Mr. Taljanov. He broke his right arm, seven ribs and a vertebra, punctured a lung and cut his head. An HSE inspector later said that it was probably only Mr Taljanov’s hard hat that prevented him from being killed.

What kind of hard hat should I get?

So what should you look for in buying a hard helmet for your head protection? That depends on what you need. Our Portwest Full Brim Helmet Future features a lightweight PP shell. Its wide profile provides extra protection against sun glare rain debris and non-toxic splashes for those working in those situations.

Alternatively, our Delta Plus Hi-Vis Baseball Safety Helmet has an innovative baseball cap design to improve vertical vision, and is tested for front back wearing to reduce encumbrance.

PPE Industrial Supplies have a wide range of hard hats and helmets for sale to suit all your needs, including welding helmets, endurance helmets and helmet winter liners. You can buy a helmet by searching our range online, visit our store or contact us - we’d be happy to take you through our range and find the best hard hat for you.

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