Work uniforms in Scotland

Work Uniform Provider in Scotland

Make the smart choice from our lines of workwear clothing. PPE supplies professional apparel to companies all over Scotland. We stock a wide range of garments including work jackets, workwear trousers and more formal work attire for business and office settings. Alternatively, if you’re looking for uniform suppliers, check out our range of cheap wholesale work uniforms. Online or in store, we can help you find affordable high quality work outfits for your employees.

Healthcare uniforms supplier

PPE stocks corporate workwear for a variety of businesses and other organisations. We can provide your hospital or healthcare organisation with a full range of uniforms for your staff. Buy the right work clothes and give your team the professional look.

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Buying uniforms for hospitality businesses

Your team can provide service in style with our range of hospitality uniforms. Whether it’s for your hotel, restaurant or external event, our ladies’ workwear dresses and men’s work shirts and trousers will leave your customers with the right impression. Giving your staff a simple and stylish look will also help them to think less about clothes for work and focus on your clients’ needs.

Scotland has lower temperatures than the rest of the UK. Thermal insulation needs for work uniforms vary between the North Sea and the Atlantic coasts, given western Scotland’s milder climate. The Highlands have heavier rainfalls and snowfalls, which call for higher levels of weather resistance in work uniforms. Each Scottish economic sector also has specific requirements; technology firms in Edinburgh or Glasgow, the oil and gas industries of Aberdeen or agriculture and brewing across Scotland demand different work uniforms. At PPE, we provide a wide range of work uniforms to accommodate the needs of different activities and weather conditions.

Retail uniforms and workwear

Make your staff stand out from the crowd with our workwear clothes for retail businesses. You want your customers to be able to identify staff quickly and easily, so kit out your team with custom workwear featuring your logo or slogan. We offer a range of styles to suit every pocket, including our best selling line of polo shirts with custom embroidery. Our own friendly and knowledgeable retail staff can help you to find everything you need at our work clothing store. PPE provides men’s and ladies’ work uniforms for businesses all over Scotland.

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Security and Construction Uniforms

Keep your clients and team safe and secure with our extensive range of construction workwear and security uniforms. Safety is your top priority on site, so you’ll need work clothing that offers high visibility and outdoor protection. If you want greater flexibility and freedom of movement, buy a custom combination of workwear jackets and work shorts. If you need greater protection in dirty or hazardous environments, invest in a good quality set of work overalls. We also stock a range of security uniforms so your clients know you’re keeping them safe and secure. All PPE security and construction apparel is high quality and offers good value for money. We understand you need inexpensive and reliable workwear so you can get on with the job.

Custom Work Clothing

Employ the power of brand identity - adding your logo to your workwear makes the world of difference. Your customers can spot your staff straight away, and they know they are dealing with a professional outfit. We can add your company logo or other insignia to a range of different apparel by embroidery or a heat transfer method.

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