Face coverings in Aberdeen

Face coverings in Aberdeen

Face coverings are often a requirement in many places of work. For example, medical centres, factories and car garages may all require some form of face or mouth protection. Each area must have the appropriate face mask - some may need visors whilst others should have face coverings with valves or vents.

Finding the correct face covering options for every industry is important. Sometimes a range will be required. However it’s important to make sure that only approved face coverings, masks and visors are bought. These will have been tested to ensure they are up to the job and will not fail at the wrong moment. Avoiding cheaply made face coverings is of paramount importance.

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Face coverings for everyday use

Sometimes simple surgical facemasks are all that are required. These are great to avoid spreading germs. They can also stop the wearer from catching any viruses as the mask filters out the germs.They are disposable and single-use, meaning there is little chance of cross-contamination. These are great for those working in any medical fields.

However they are also suitable for everyday use by members of the public in Aberdeen. It is easy to get them on and off, and can be easily carried in a bag or pocket. There are many different types of face coverings, but these are by far the most popular with people going about their daily business. If someone finds themselves in close proximity to another who is showing symptoms of an illness, it is easy to take a surgical mask out and put it on.

Many ask, “do face coverings work?” and the answer is yes, they do. They significantly reduce the spread of infection, so having a few handy in a glove compartment or backpack can be useful when out and about.

Aberdeen’s booming economy is due to the success of the oil industry which primarily operates out of the city. As the third largest city in Scotland, Aberdeen is also a centre for education and a world leader in community-based arts initiatives. It has won Britain in Bloom a record number of times and plays host to an annual international youth festival. PPE Industrial Supplies offers a range of workwear products, including face coverings, throughout Aberdeen and the surrounding area. Buy your business apparel from a trusted supplier - choose PPE for better before and after sales service.

Facemasks for industrial use

Whilst surgical masks are great for using for part of the day, those who need to have their face covered all day may want something more comfortable and secure. In this case, a valved mask may be appropriate. These are great for those who work around dust and are looking for ways to avoid breathing it in. They are comfortable to wear and suitable for all head sizes.

Some masks have removable filters, which mean that only those sections need to be renewed regularly. It’s important to ensure these filters are connected correctly, so try to use some that allow for this by using a ‘press to check’ system.

If masks with valves aren’t required, then cloth face coverings can be useful. They are suitable for use time after time, and are washable too. This makes them environmentally friendly. As they are a soft cloth, they are comfortable to wear for long periods of time.

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Face shields

Full-face protection, like face shields, are important for those who want to completely protect their face. A protection isolation mask ensures complete visibility whilst offering protection from outside elements. These are great for those looking for face protection but can’t or don’t want to wear facemasks over their mouth.

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