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Getting the right hand protection for businesses in East Kilbride

If you are looking to buy reliable and trusted hand protection in East Kilbride, then PPE Industrial Supplies can help.

Depending on the work you are doing, your needs for safety gloves will change. We stock a range of types of work gloves, from anti-vibration gloves and welding gauntlets to latex and nitrile hand protection. It’s important to know the difference between all these different types of gloves, and our helpful staff would be happy to talk through what you need if you pop into our shop or give us a call.

The importance of sturdy and safe gloves is paramount. It’s vital to ensure they are well made and meet all the requirements of current UK OHSA regulations. We only sell high quality hand protection that you can rely on.

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Heavy-duty gloves for industry

Heat resistant gloves ensure your safety when surrounded by high temperatures, and should be tested to the highest standards. These Akro fire action long cuff gloves are suitable for direct fire-fighting (flashover, indoor fire-fighting) as well as rescue, recovery and technical assistance.

Similarly, our Ansell welder’s gauntlets, whilst durable and comfortable, offers high levels of molten splash resistance, ideal for many applications requiring thermal protection. They also provide superior durability and good protection from cuts, punctures and abrasions.

Keeping within the heavy-duty style are rigger gloves, like these generously sized Canadian rigger gloves, which are to standard EN388: 2003 and available to businesses in and around East Kilbride.

Built in the 1940s, East Kilbride is Scotland’s first ‘new town’ and the largest in South Lanarkshire. It is famous for its shopping and the Dollan Aqua Centre which recently underwent a major refurbishment. With easy transport links to Glasgow, East Kilbride also serves as a commuter town for the city. We can deliver work clothing to businesses across the town and in the surrounding area. Whatever your workwear needs, PPE has got it covered.

Buying the right type of latex and nitrile gloves in East Kilbride

Latex gloves are a natural material, made out of rubber, and offer great hand protection for a wide variety of activities. If you are in the market for these types of handwear, then you will be looking for something that is durable, flexible and offers great dexterity. So with a knitted base construction to allow air passage and aid comfort, these Click multi-purpose gloves are an excellent choice. Ideal for construction and steel handling, they come in sizes from small to XXL, and a range of colours too.

If you are looking for nitrile gloves, we can help there. Nitrile gloves are made out of a synthetic rubber, meaning they are a sensible alternative to latex gloves if you are concerned about allergic reactions. They come in different shapes and sizes and for different uses. These chemical gauntlets from Flex are suitable for protection against a range of chemical splashes, and are comfortable to wear thanks to their knitted nylon liner.

Also made of nitrile, but at the other end of the spectrum, these Wonder Grip freeze flex gloves are designed to be used at sub-zero temperatures, and whilst flexible and comfortable, are also fully double nitrile coated.

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Mechanics gloves

We also stock a good range of mechanics gloves, which offer great protection for those working with vehicles. You want your gloves to be sturdy, durable and comfortable, and we’ve got that covered. These gloves from MEC DEX feature electro conductive front finger tips for using touch devices, and have a smart fit with durable synthetic leather base palm. They are also great multi-purpose gloves, and can be used in a range of industries in East Kilbride requiring PPE, including landscaping, cable and wire work and material handling.

If you want to make sure you are buying the correct type of hand and arm protection for your workplace needs, we’re more than happy to chat with you and advise when required. For those working in areas in East Kilbride that require gloved protection, our products perform superbly and we are proud to stock them for you.

To find out more about your options and to chat about your requirements, please get in touch or pop into our store.

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