Safety boots and shoes in Paisley

Paisley safety boots and workwear shoes

When choosing protective footwear, it is important to consult a PPE specialist in order to get the best fit - don’t just go with the first composite toe, lace up boots you find. In addition to ensuring that your boots or sneakers meet the safety standards, you want to check that they are durable and comfortable. From rigger boots and wellingtons to steel toe cap trainers, our experts can help you decide which brand and product fit your needs best. Not everyone needs boots with heat protection and chemical resistance - the right features will depend on the conditions you are exposed to.

Safety boots and workwear shoes

Our range of safety footwear includes brands such as Dickies, Snickers or Scruffs. When selecting work footwear, it’s a good idea to start with the safety rating and then check the materials of the uppers, soles and lining. Talk to us about how each of these will adapt to your occupation. Construction boots, just like shoes for any other occupation, should be ergonomic in order to avoid injury and discomfort. Style is also relevant if you or your employees wear safety shoes day in and day out.

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The first concern when choosing rigger boots should be their level of protection. Make sure they meet the EN ISO 20345 standard, and consider how much resistance you need in the reinforced toe caps. In addition to slip and electrical resistance, style should be taken into account, with designs ranging from the classic leather brown to black rubber boots.

Winter and waterproof footwear

Our range of weatherproof footwear includes trainers, wellingtons and a wide range of shoes. If you need shoes with water penetration resistance, let us find a pair that meets the relevant standards and deliver your new foot protection to you.

When it comes to winter footwear, we can advise you on the best materials to stand the test of winter in Paisley. For maximum comfort, opt for breathable footwear to keep your feet dry.

Paisley in situated in Renfrewshire in the central Lowlands of Scotland and forms part of the greater Glasgow conurbation. It is famous for its weaving industry especially the famous ‘Paisley Pattern’ which takes its name from the town. Though we don’t stock paisley shawls at PPE Industrial Supplies, we do have a great selection of workwear for all your company’s needs, including safety boots and shoes. Get in touch and we’ll help you kit out your staff for work, wherever you are in Paisley. Free delivery on orders over £150.

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In addition to industrial footwear, we provide a range of comfortable and lightweight work boots for different professional needs. Whether you need insulated boots or just durable footwear that will look the part, get in touch and we will help you find the best product for your feet. We know that finding the right footwear can be daunting and questions arise when trying to decide on the optimal size sometimes, but our specialists can help you make the right choice of safety boots.

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Purchasing rubber boots and wellingtons

In nitrile or lined for better temperature isolation, wellington boots come in a fantastic range of styles. These popular workwear boots are often seen on building sites and factories in Paisley. Although most wellingtons are anti-slip and anti-static, always make sure that the pair you are considering carry the relevant safety standards. For certain work environments, you might need wellingtons with antishock heels, steel midsoles and toe caps.

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