Safety signs in Paisley

Safety Signs and placards for workplaces in Paisley

Health and safety signs and signals are commonplace in work settings across Paisley to ensure compliance with OSHA requirements. Here at PPE Industrial Supplies we stock a comprehensive range of types, sizes, and adhesive options to suit your needs.

We sell hazard, safety and warning signs for a huge range of workplaces and industries, including factories & warehouses, first aid, road traffic and fire instructions. Click here to view our online Safety Sign catalogue

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Safety signs for fire & emergency escape

The importance of a well placed safety sign cannot be overestimated. After all, what’s the point of an advisory sign if nobody can see it? Our comprehensive PDF catalogue highlights the areas you should place signs, according to the most recent OHSA recommendations and requirements.

Not only do we sell the expected wide range of fire signs to mark the location of fire alarms, fire escapes and fire actions, we also sell a range of optional - but very useful - signs to help your guests and visitors become acquainted with your systems and processes. These include desktop signs to alert visitors to any planned fire alarm tests, which can be easily amended on-site when required.

Paisley in situated in Renfrewshire in the central Lowlands of Scotland and forms part of the greater Glasgow conurbation. It is famous for its weaving industry especially the famous ‘Paisley Pattern’ which takes its name from the town. Though we don’t stock paisley shawls at PPE Industrial Supplies, we do have a great selection of workwear for all your company’s needs, including safety signs. Get in touch and we’ll help you kit out your staff for work, wherever you are in Paisley. Free delivery on orders over £150.

Electrical and PAT test signs and labels

Ensuring workers and visitors are safe from electrical hazards is of paramount importance, and we can help with this task through our wide range of hazard signs and posters.

Our range includes danger and warning signs, as well as electrical warning labels made of tough and non-rip polypropylene. We also offer PAT testing cable wrap labels which comply with IEE regulations ensuring all information can be written on them using a standard pen. These non rip labels are available in green and red to indicate if the appliance has passed or failed the safety test.

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Chains and posts for traffic and people management

Our comprehensive range of barriers and warnings which allow businesses in Paisley to manage the flow of people and traffic means you don’t need to look anywhere else to get what you need.

We stock a range of plastic, polyethylene chains to go with our universal chain posts and bases, which themselves are highly visible and corrosion proof. For something a bit less permanent, we hold retractable banners which can be fixed to a wall and used only when required, taking up less storage space indoors than poles.

To guide the flow of people, we also offer signs and floor graphics to ensure regulations are adhered to at all times. If you would like to create your own safety message or promotional advert, we can help you with that. Just supply your own message, logo or photograph for a personalised product with PPE Industrial Supplies.

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