Face protection in Rosyth

Face Protection in Rosyth

The importance of good and reliable face protection in the workplace should not be underestimated. It’s important to ensure your face protection PPE is up to the job, and offers the right sort of protection for your needs. For all businesses across Rosyth, PPE Industrial Supplies can be trusted to supply the highest quality workwear for your particular needs.

Any protective face shield PPE needs to be used responsibly, and for the right reasons. For example, you will need different equipment to protect yourself from woodchip from falling trees compared to equipment required in a laboratory for chemical splashes. Our range is comprehensive, but do drop us a line or visit us if you would like to discuss your requirements in more detail.

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Face protection PPE to cover all industrial requirements

It’s important when buying your face guard workwear that you can trust it will do its job, and one of the best ways to ensure this is by finding a brand you recognise, perhaps have worked with before and have have confidence in its ability to protect your staff.

Not only do we supply standard face protection for use by anyone, we offer prescription goggles, like this Bolle Tracker Prescription spectacle kit, which not only provides inserts that can be used to suit a variety of eye requirements, it offers the comfort of a safety spectacle with the fit and seal of a goggle.

We stock a wide range of face protection brands you will be familiar with. These include Portwest, Click and Delta Plus. We’re proud to stock these popular ranges of functional work gear, giving you one of the widest ranges of gear for face protection in Rosyth.

Simply visit our online catalogue to check out our latest range, or pop into the showroom to chat in detail about your needs.

Rosyth is a coastal town in Fife, situated on the Firth of Forth. Just three miles from the centre of Dunfermline, it was originally built as the port for the town. It continues to serve as a ferry terminal today, with a regular service to Zeebrugge in Belgium. PPE supplies industrial workwear for businesses of all sizes in Scotland - buy overalls, safety gear, jackets, hard hats and other work clothing for construction in Rosyth.

Face shields and visors for outdoors

A great deal of potential hazards can be found in outdoor industries, for builders, lumberjacks, electricians and horticulturalists. Employees in Rosyth may even need different face and eye shields from hour to hour. This is why PPE Industrial Supplies offer a great range of protective equipment.

Ensuring workers and visitors to sites in Rosyth are safe from shards, splashes and dust is of high importance, and we can help with this task through our offering of different safety eye and face protection workwear.

Our range includes these Akron spectacles with a Polycarbonate lens and side shield, perfect for temporary site visitors to ensure they remain safe. We also offer this deluxe facesaver from 3M, which comes with a precision ratchet adjustment and adjustable crown band for a comfortable fit for those working more consistently in areas where reliable face protection PPE is required.

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Working with face protection gear indoors

For those working indoors in Rosyth that require face and eye protection, we offer excellent products that you can trust to perform superbly, and which are also comfortable to wear.

Those working in welding require sturdy PPE eye protection, and so we offer these flip front welding goggles from Brand which have a green soft PVC frame and a black ABS lens holder.

If your time is spent in laboratories where chemical splashes are a danger, then you can choose sturdy chemical goggles like these from Brand, or take advantage of these Bolle Tracker safety glasses which provide protection from all mechanical risks and also chemical risks, making it unique in the safety glasses range.

To find out more about your options and to chat about your requirements, please get in touch or pop into our store.

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