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Keep your head and buy hard hats in the UK. Our safety headgear products has been tried and tested on the job and on the road by many satisfied customers. For the best head protection for you and your team, you need construction hats which are rigid and cover the whole head. Hard hat caps featuring a brim at the front also provide face protection.

Industrial safety helmets are a strict requirement when working in hazardous environments. The safety helmet protects you from potential dangers on site such as falling objects and impacts with hard surfaces.

When buying head protection equipment, keep in mind the material, design and cost of the product. All good quality safety hats are moulded from a durable but lightweight material, offering both protection and a comfortable fit. On the inside of construction hard hats there is typically a plastic frame and chin strap which holds the helmet in place while keeping the hard outer shell away from your head.

All our lines of head protection gear offer both safety and comfort without breaking the bank - you won’t need to swap your builder’s hat for your banker’s visor when buying from PPE. For the best protective headwear range in St Andrews, check out our online store or come into the shop for personalised consultation and service.

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Types of safety helmets

We can help you to get your head around the various types of safety hats on offer. The classic design of bump hat for construction work is a rigid moulded helmet with a flexible inner frame. The outer shell is typically made from carbon fibre, fiberglass, aluminium, or a proprietary composite material known as ‘fibre metal’. Decent bump hats will also feature a full brim which directs falling objects away from the face.

There are two major types of construction safety helmet. Type 1 hard hats will reduce the impact of a blow from above, for example a tool falling onto someone’s head. Type 2 helmets also protect from impacts from above, but additionally they protect the head from side impact, for example hitting the side of your head against a sharp corner. This is achieved by adding a special lining inside the helmet made from high density foam.

Good quality brands of construction helmet include MSA and Schuberth, both of which are available through our store. Schuberth are also well known for their range of bike helmets, which offer the ultimate in head and face protection when you’re out on the road.

Keep a clear eye when choosing the right welding helmet. A special type of protective headgear, welding helmets feature a visor made from tinted glass or plastic which protects your eyes from arc eye (an inflammation of the cornea) and retina burns. The design and shape of the helmet provides a full face shield, protecting the face and neck from burns, sparks and harmful infrared and ultraviolet light. It is typically made from metal or fibre metal.

All these types of safety headgear are available from PPE. We deliver all over St Andrews and orders over £150 are eligible for free delivery.

Hard hat features and accessories

The major features of industrial safety helmets are the rigid outer shell and the inner frame which includes an adjustable chin strap. The idea behind this design is to keep the outer shell (and any potential impacts) away from the head. It also has the advantage of providing some ventilation around the head, keeping it cool and relatively free of persperation.

Customise your safety headgear with a range of hard hat accessories. If you need extra protection for your eyes, buy a helmet with visor attachment. Some hard hats also come with built-in safety glasses. If your work environment is very noisy, invest in a safety helmet with ear muffs. For cold weather work, hard hat liners provide an extra layer of warmth without the need for a beanie hat or hood which could cause obstruction. When you’re working in the dark, a construction helmet with light attachment is an absolute necessity.

The home of golf, St. Andrews is a beautiful town located on the east coast of Fife. Its university is regularly ranked as one of the top three in the country behind Oxbridge and its golf courses are second to none. Today the town serves as a major tourist destination for golfers and is also popular with students and conference organisers. PPE Industrial Supplies deliver professional work attire to businesses in St. Andrews and across Fife. Contact us directly for great deal on workwear and uniforms for your business or event.

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At PPE we’ve got our heads screwed on when it comes to safety headgear. We can help you choose from a range of designs and brands of hard hat, and we’ll find you the right accessories for your helmet. All of our suppliers are trusted and respected industry brands. You can be sure you’re buying a product that is reliable and long lasting. We also offer great after sales service - if you’re not happy with your purchase we’ll be more than happy to help you with finding another hard hat.

Don’t tear your hair out thinking about where to buy safety helmets in St Andrews - buy from PPE.

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Buy the best construction hats on the market through PPE. We have a wide range of headgear products and accessories for sale in different colours. Get the classic yellow safety hat, or choose a colour to match your company’s corporate identity. We have hard hats in black, white, blue, red and green as well as yellow. All our protective headwear is designed to be both safe and comfortable.

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Personalised safety helmets and hard hats

Raise awareness of your brand with our custom personalisation service. Whether your workers are interacting with clients or other contractors on site, your logo will be constantly visible to others. Adding your personalised branding to your safety headgear also adds a professional feel to your business which will help you attract new clients. Purchase personalised hard hats with company logo from PPE.

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