Surgical masks in St Andrews

Surgical Masks in St Andrews

If you are looking to buy surgical masks in the UK, then PPE Industrial Supplies near Edinburgh can help. Surgical masks have become a common sight in businesses and in public and ensuring a good selection of high-quality masks is important for many industries.

Surgical masks are used to help stop the spread of viruses and airborne pathogens.They stop the wearer from breathing them out, and can also offer some protection from breathing any in too. They are suitable for wearing in healthcare environments, as well as for general hygiene reasons in most other industries.

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How do surgical masks work?

In order to stop germs travelling through the air, surgical masks or medical masks stop them at the source. This is because they stop droplets of water leaving the wearer’s mouth, as often this is where the pathogens are found. Surgical masks were initially designed for doctors to protect against splashes in operating rooms, but they have been shown to be highly effective against infections such as the flu and coronavirus. Disposable surgical masks are then able to be thrown away, removing the threat of infection.

There are different types of surgical masks, for example, Type IIR face masks conforming to EN14683. These have a 4 ply construction to stop particles from being breathed in by the wearer They also include a splash-resistant layer.

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Who should use a surgical mask?

Isolation masks can be worn by everyone to protect others from spreading viruses. They attach easily over each ear and are comfortable to wear. They are for use outdoors as well as inside and can be worn for as long as needed. Fluid-resistant masks are great for using when out and about around other people.

Face masks are a great investment for employees and workers in St Andrews to ensure good hygiene in the workplace. Having a sufficient supply means the proper hygiene standards can be met, as the need to re-use masks will be reduced.

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Where can I buy surgical face masks in the UK?

Visit our online catalogue to see our selection of face masks for use in offices, shops, public buildings and a whole range of other settings. Our online catalogue means you can buy surgical face masks direct from us without having to enter a shop to do so. To buy blue surgical masks, get in touch today.

To find out more about where to buy surgical masks in the UK, then please do contact us. Those in St Andrews, looking for a supplier can rely on PPE Industrial Supplies. If you would like to chat about your specific requirements, please get in touch.

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